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An extremely flexible template system for the Nikola static blog system using Chameleon, z3c.pt and z3c.macro

A basic template using this system is available in base-chameleon, and an extension of that using bootstrap3 is available in bootstrap3-chameleon.

Documentation is hosted at https://ntinikola_chameleon.readthedocs.io/


Nikola uses a custom mechanism to find plugins instead of using the usual pkg_resources system. That makes it incredibly difficult to install plugins; it’s not enough just to pip install a package from PyPI. Instead, you must also copy a .plugin file to a particular location on disk. This can be:

  • ~/.nikola/plugins/
  • The plugins directory of your Nikola site.

Beside that ‘.plugin’ file there must also be a ‘.py’ file of the same name that the plugin lists as a module (yes, even though the plugin file specifically requests a Python module, yapsy requires that it be a file or directory beside the plugin file—so not really a module).

It’s ridiculous to require everyone to copy plugins into their plugin folder (they’re not even correctly on sys.path, meaning that zope.configuration and many other tools won’t work) and we don’t plan to let Nikola do that automatically (we’re not on the Nikola plugin index and won’t be until they let us do standard installs), so the best we can do is attempt to workaround yapsy’s limitations.

Into your site’s plugin directory, place the following .py file:

# nti_nikola_chameleon.py
from nti.nikola_chameleon import *

Beside that, you’ll need a nti.nikola_chameleon.plugin file:

# -*- mode: conf; -*-
Name = nti.nikola_chameleon
Module = nti_nikola_chameleon

Author = NextThought
Version = 1.0
Website = https://github.com/NextThought/nti.nikola_chameleon
Description = Support for Chameleon ZPT templates.

PluginCategory = Template

Once you have successfully installed the project, proceed to Getting Started. For a more complete understanding of how this package works, see Leveraging the Component Architecture.


This documentation is a work in progress.


nti.nikola_chameleon is hosted at GitHub:

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