1.0.1 (unreleased)

  • Nothing changed yet.

1.0.0 (2018-05-26)

  • Posts that have a true value for has_math will now implement the IMathJaxPost interface when used as the context.
  • Index pages that have any posts using MathJax will now have a context object that implements IMathJaxPostList.
  • Add a view for getting CSS data. Currently it has context/@@post_css/pagekind_class.
  • Update to Nikola 8; drop support for Python 2.7.
  • Add interfaces.IRootPage which is added to pages for which the metadata field nti-extra-page-kind is set to root.
  • Make the featured list available to all pages, not just index pages. Together with the IRootPage this can be used to promote blog posts to the root index.html.
  • Add embedded_content to the @@post_text view.
  • Initial support for template-based shortcodes. See

0.0.1a2 (2017-10-14)

  • Map the Nikola messages function onto the native i18n functionality of Chamleon. Attributes like i18n:translate are now preferred to explicit calls to options/messages when possible.

  • Add support for viewlets. Several default viewlet managers are supplied, and a ZCML directive <browser:newViewletManager> is provided so themes can create new viewlet managers:

    <browser:newViewletManager id="ILeftColumn" />
        provides=".viewlets.ILeftColumn" />
  • Add a path adapter to easily get formatted dates from a post, either a static format (post/formatted_date:webiso) or dynamically from a variable (post/formatted_date:?date_format).

  • Add a view to get the text of a post, respecting teaser settings: post/@@post_text/content.

  • Move feed support to a @@feeds view for headers, and a viewlet for body:

  • Add a view interface (ICommentKind) for comment systems. Only Disqus is currently supported. Note that this may move in the future to be a layer.

0.0.1a1 (2017-10-09)

  • Preliminary PyPI release. While this package is functional, it is not yet documented sufficiently to be of general use. It is also not expected to be fully stable.